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Electric stair climbing dolly

  • Light-load stair climber CT070

    Light-load stair climber CT070

    Category: Powered stair climber CT070
    Browse number: 13130
    Number: Light load
    Release time: 2019-07-05 10:01:12
    The light duty electric stair climbers CT070 meets people who need to carry loads below 70 Kg to up and down stairs. Track design makes the machine stable to operate, easy to adjust direction. When loading on ground, the tracks are folded up. it can be operated easily like a hand truck. Less than 14Kg of body weight, fold-able structure, simple operations, high climbing speed, all the above advantage made the climber become a perfect choice. It’s suitable for express, home-hold, delivery, supermarket factory and so on.
  • Powered stair climber wheelchair M1100

    Powered stair climber wheelchair M1100

    Category: Powered stair climber wheelchair M1100
    Browse number: 3601
    Number: M1100
    Release time: 2019-07-05 10:49:43
    All City Terrain Smart Wheelchair is a powered stair climber for disabled persons. It is a new equipment which no needs people’s help with carrying the olds, disabled persons moving upstairs, downstairs and on the ground.  With the functions of human-computer interaction, automatic lifting, off-road, up/downstairs, climbing steep slopes, turned on the spot and so on.
  • Powered stair climber ZW7170EF

    Powered stair climber ZW7170EF

    Category: Powered stair climber ZW7170EF
    Browse number: 5894
    Number: Folding climber
    Release time: 2019-07-10 17:03:46
    This powered stair climber with pneumatic wheels can be used for transporting cargo up to 170Kg up and down stairs. It is suitable for industrial and commercial material , building materials, heavy appliances, and other goods without any effort .Intensive Aluminum alloy frame,simple touch button control ,rechargeable battery , make it more and more popular.Wireless folding design saves space and is more convenient to carry.
  • Loading Board

    Loading Board

    Category: Loading board
    Browse number: 1979
    Number: Loading board
    Release time: 2019-12-05 10:17:20
    Choose the appropriate loading plate for your personal transportation situation from the variety we offer. We are happy to create and produce special plates for your particular demands.
  • Powered stair climber ZW4250

    Powered stair climber ZW4250

    Category: Powered Stair Climber ZW4250
    Browse number: 3520
    Release time: 2020-07-29 17:08:53
    The powered stair climber with solid wheels can be used for transporting cargo up to 250kg to climb stairs. The machine has obvious advantages because it combines praticality and economy. Carbon steel frame, simple touch button control, dustproof-design switch, height adjustable loading board for different cargo's center of gravity and most competitive price make it popular in building site. It is also widely used for up/down stair transporting for funiture, white goods, photocopiers, undustrial devices, building supplies, etc.

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